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Creating a Post-Corporate World. Guide to Robert B.

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[Mobile ebook] Meeting the Family: One Man's Journey Through His Human Ancestry

Summary of Who Really Cares: Entering the Shift Age, eBook Summary of Fed Up: Summary of A simple government: Hypocronance is absolute Wisdom. When the enemy is weak we must strike in a civil manner.

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Discourse is our civility as a republic. Makes the liberal socialists nuts with a phrase and then make the correction needed. Folks we are faced with a corruption that wants to remove us from our authority as sinful Christians. The folly of Hypocronance is a phrase that will make the liberals insane who want to see us undone.

The writing is a conversation that goes to the heart of the enemy. Yes it can be said to need editing. Yes it can be attacked.

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But read this excerpt and call the enemy within what it is. It is worth mentioning that while leadership comes from the ability of an individual to lead it must be regarded as unique to the individual. Power on the other hand, is not unique to the individual unless the authority of power is bestowed to the leader of selection. Rather it promotes the result of poor leadership, all while it controls a profit flow based upon ratings.

The economy is in shambles with unemployment taking a back seat, which makes no sense at all when pondering leadership.

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The President is trying to manipulate laws for a benefit unfunded, while the country endures an economic stall. It might be in better interest for President Obama to secure the vitality of a productive populace, which pays taxes and also pays premiums for the discussed benefit of health.

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Yet unemployment is likely to expand while requiring businesses to absorb costs the government really has no authority to impose. An excellent leader would have never entertained such a discussion. A satisfactory leader might not ever have needed the discussion, certainly one such as yesterday.

The authority of ignorance grants power, which is weak at heart and is fickle.