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See a Problem?

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I first started maki. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. Available for immediate download. A step by step guide Oct 21, I was introduced to the main characters, one by one, as they arrived at school, greeted their friends and went to class.

I was also introduced to David Ray, the troubled kid who will be the cause of so much death and trauma as the day progresses. Jeff Bennington writes of this horrid event with amazing insight. He makes sure we are aware of the underlying psychology of a teenager who has been abused and scorned. He also hints at something deeper, something paranormal in the events to come.

I felt as if I was reading about any one of the real life school massacres that have happened over the years. You can't help but think of those horrendous events as you read this. This story eventually brings us forward, twenty years to the present and how our main characters have dealt with the trauma of that day. The authors depiction of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is spot on. Some of the victims have done positive things with their lives and some have remained stuck in that day but all are still affected and all need closure.

Deciding to arrange a Twenty Year Reunion in order to face the past and heal, one student brings them all back to the school were their lives were shattered. Now, up until this point, this story seems written as a drama about surviving the worst that can happen but Jeff Bennington doesn't let you off the hook with a heartfelt and healing reunion. Instead you are plunged into horror. The menacing ghost of David Ray has his own kind of closure in mind and it ain't healing. It scared the crap outta me and I loved it. The plot of this story is fresh and I was compelled to finish it as fast as I could.

A truly great read! Feb 14, Erika rated it it was amazing Shelves: The concepts presented here were too breath-taking, the characters too realistic, and the supernatural elements just the right touch of creepy, heart-pounding, other-worldly thrill ride. David Ray and the school shooting — David Ray, the school shooter, is one of those characters I had a really hard time putting my feelings together for. It went back and forth like that for the whole entire book.

Probably something to do with complex characters that make you think outside my comfort zone. As for the school shooting — it was so disturbing! I know any book about a school shooting would make me feel this way. It felt really cold and really calculated. Succinct and to the point. The other characters — First of all, they were all just so darn likeable. Of course, each of them have their flaws, but I just wanted to love them all the same.

I felt like I could really connect with each and every one of the characters. They all had something fresh and interesting to say. They all experienced the same thing as kids in the school shooting, but of course, all in different ways. And each of them had to deal with that experience in their own way too.

I think this is what I really got out of the book as a whole. The life of a school shooting victim 20 years later would likely all depend not just on how close they were to those who died or where they were in relation to the shooter, but also on what was going on in their life at the time of the shooting. What were their dreams and hopes? Who did they love? What was their attitude on life and relationships in general? And I think this is why it was so easy for me to relate to all of them.

The supernatural thrill — No doubt about it, this book was thrilling! I loved the supernatural elements to the story. If anything I said above interests you at all, I highly recommend this book to you! Initial commentary Interview coming this Saturday, April 16th: This book comes out in April. It's a paranormal thriller about the aftermath of a school shooting.

It looks SO good. I'm really excited to be reading it and Jeff will be joining me on my blog in April for his Blog Tour interview. Mar 16, Courtney Conant rated it it was amazing. It was the first book that I read on my Kindle an entirely new experience for me and I couldn't put it down. I have to say that this was an excellent book and worth the read. Bennington really grabs the reader with this supernatural tale, dragging them kicking and screaming the whole way.

Now keep in mind, this is not a horror novel but it does have many horrific aspects to it. He brings you into the lives of survivors of great tragedy and throws in a paranormal twist. There are a lot of different characters to follow, each learning to deal in their own way. This is a very complex story, yet it is so well written, making it easy to follow. Bennington has a brilliant imagination that will mesmerize even the most picky reader Apr 19, Blodeuedd Finland rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story starts with a school shooting in Crescent Falls, a small fictional town in Idaho.

A young man, David Ray, opens fire in his high school cafeteria, killing several students and seriously injuring others. The shooting occurs only days before the summer holidays. The story then jumps 20 years into the future, and follows a number of survivors that were graduating in the year of the shooting. The survivors all have one thing in common; they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Maria Vasquez, the Valedictorian in the graduating year who is now treating other people with PTSD, feels that the only way to put the shooting behind them, is to go back to Crescent Falls and have a reunion.

And what would be better than to have the reunion 20 years after the tragedy? She contacts old school mates and some of them reluctantly agree to return to the town, which they have avoided for two decades, although some of the survivors remained in Crescent Falls the years after the shooting. The survivors return to Crescent Falls well in time for the reunion, as there need to be a lot of preparations done. The high school has been closed ever since the shootings, and it is decided that the old school building shall be renovated before the big day.

As the reunion day draws closer, the tension grows and the survivors continues to have flashbacks from the event 20 years earlier. Will they be able to have the reunion in the school after all? The sheriff Larry Richards is determined to find out what is really happening in the old high school and to solve the mystery before it is too late. You just have to find out what happens next.

The different characters are all very well described in the book. Is David Ray such an evil monster, knowing what happened to him in the childhood? Could the society do something to prevent school shooters from comitting such horrible crimes? Do they deserve to die, the school shooters, or should they be put in jail for the rest of their lives? In the foreword, Jeff Bennington lists ten of the worst school shootings in the US history.

I think it is a very important book to read. It is very thrilling, with a little bit of romance and mystique. Apr 07, Veronica Noechel rated it did not like it. Where do I begin.

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I'm hesitant to write a review, under the "if you can't say somethin' nice" clause. Unfortunately, the characters didn't ring true and their dialogue was extremely wooden. It was almost as if the story was being written by someone who had never met an actual human, but had seen a lot of prime time television. Not in this book. Does it seem strange that this ghost can lift someone off their feet miles away and skewer them on a flagpole and yet can't pull the plug of the ventilator six inches to his right? And worst of all, when you're reading a book about the damage and horror that has been inflicted unjustly on a group of people by an individual who held them hostage at gunpoint, and then the HERO does the same thing to a bunch of people in a hospital though only one of the hospital hostiges dies by the gunman's hand as far as I could tell We never hear about the hospital crew.

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If this was a point being made about the futility of human ethics and the inevitability of violence, that could work, but it's really not. I hate to be so negative in a review, but this just didn't work for me. I love a fun, not-too-heavy novel as much as the next person, but I really think this book just wasn't edited very thoroughly. View all 3 comments.

May 21, Jay Krow rated it really liked it. Bennington melds great prose with a social voice that explores the trauma that survivors of school shootings deal with every day. The pain and the range of emotions the characters exhibit is raw, and as real as it gets in a fictional story. The characters are so believable they could have been ripped from the pages of the Virginia Tech shooting, or a news story from Columbine. These characters make you feel their pain, their suffering, and the fear they still live with day after day.

Bennington is able to mix this tragic story with a paranormal twist, while not disrespecting the sensitive subject matter of the story.

The Scarecrow: A Supernatural Thriller (Solom Book 1)

For that, I applaud him. He wrote about a school shooting, and all the pain that goes with such an unthinkable act while adding a paranormal twist. The result is a story that will leave you shaken, and hopeful all in the same moment. This is a story of tragedy, hopelessness, pain, and in the end, victory. Jun 27, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is about a group of students who survive a school shooting and what their lives are like 20 years later.

Reunion by Jeff Bennington

I knew the subject matter could be sensitive to some people but I found that the author did a great job of giving it respect but also changing it enough so it was a good fiction story. I enjoyed how the author developed each of the characters and adequately described how different people would be affected by PTSD Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Each character faces challenges with This book is about a group of students who survive a school shooting and what their lives are like 20 years later.

Each character faces challenges with coping after experiencing the trauma of the school shooting and they have to decide if going to the school reunion will be beneficial to them. It seems to me that this would be a very realistic challenge for those who have survived a school shooting. Without including spoilers, I have to add that I loved the twists that were presented in this story. I also found the spiritual undertone was not the central focus of this story but a great secondary story line.

There was an error trying to load your rating for this title.

The author did a wonderful job of including the spiritual ideas without turning off the reader. I was recommended this book and I will definitely recommend it to other readers. I hope Bennington continues to write. Nov 04, Nadine X rated it did not like it. It's the epitome of lazy, self-indulgent, preachy writing. The depiction of the school shooter was so stereotypical and shallow that it made me wonder if the author was writing this book in reaction to a recent tragedy, rather than using it as a part of the set up to a real story. I hate cardboard characters, and preachy writing, so this book really annoyed me.

But what really makes me angry is the writing. It's clumsy, and Terrible! It's clumsy, and heavy-handed, and just How do people like this get published? I really want to know. Jun 27, Nathiel rated it it was amazing. Jeff kindly sent me this book for reviewing and I am still in awe with it, it was so good. The characters are amazing because they seem so real, as none of them are perfect far from it actually David Ray was a haunted young man, who while I hated him for what he did, I also found myself feeling very sorry for what he had suffered. As for Tanner, Maria, Lana, Noah, Nick, Bryan and Kate, well we get to see how they are coping with seeing their friends dying infront of them, 20 years later and the t Jeff kindly sent me this book for reviewing and I am still in awe with it, it was so good.

As for Tanner, Maria, Lana, Noah, Nick, Bryan and Kate, well we get to see how they are coping with seeing their friends dying infront of them, 20 years later and the thing is that they all cope in different ways. Allthough this book is purely fiction, I think it partly does show people what happens when someone goes through a traumatizing experience and how everyone deals with it in different ways.

And it also has paranormal parts in it which are perfectly integrated into the book, and in the end someone leaves us with an well known dilema. And lastly allthough not a horror story it was quite scary in some points and has you gripping onto the pages of the book or in my case gripping the sides of the computer, dying not literally of course to read what's going to happen next. I give this book 5 outt of 5 and I can't wait to read what Jeff writes next. Mar 16, Julia rated it it was amazing.

Reviewed by Mona at RexRobotReviews. Not to say it was bad, it is an extraordinarily exceptional story, just that it emotionally involves the reader. This story is about a horrific event, an event that touches not only those involved but an entire town, and possibly even far more Reviewed by Mona at RexRobotReviews. This story is about a horrific event, an event that touches not only those involved but an entire town, and possibly even far more than it did to begin with.

He asks some very interesting questions- What happens to the students who have been traumatized by school shootings, how have they survived — or have they — really? Bennington leaves us with a powerful and insightful look into the lives of five students that survive the painful tragedy. I found this book a poignant one that pulled me into their lives and their experiences. It opened my eyes to the possibility of what others lives may be like after such heartbreak. With the combination of intrigue, romance, suspense and even supernatural, Bennington allows the feel of these characters to come forth and lead us through their lives.

Reunion has enough mystery and surprise to satisfy anyone looking for an exceptional read. Mar 17, rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. David Ray, murderer of classmates and destroyer of dreams, shot himself and died on graduation day. Twenty years later, several survivors are determined to go back to the place where their fears originated: Crescent Falls High School.

Most of them had left Crescent Fa Book Review: Most of them had left Crescent Falls without a backwards glance after the massacre, but suddenly they felt a need to overcome the past. Unfortunately, mysterious things have been happening at the place where their reunion is to be held. The survivors unknowingly walk straight into the death trap… to possibly never come back out. A supernatural horror that would grab your interest and also your heart and never let go, the Reunion will cause you to cry, smile, hope, and cower under your blanket, though not necessarily in that order.

To conclude, all I can say is this: Aug 17, Jeannie Walker rated it it was amazing. This book of fiction takes us into a world that is all too realistic in the horrifying trend of school violence that has been taking place too often in our society. Bullying and violence have no place in our schools and the practice should be stamped out before it causes violence. The author starts out with a terrible shooting at a high school where several students were killed and injured.

Thankfully, at the end of the horrific rampage, the deranged shooter turns the gun on himself. However, la This book of fiction takes us into a world that is all too realistic in the horrifying trend of school violence that has been taking place too often in our society. However, later on, the killer becomes a menacing ghost that haunts the school, even though it was closed after the shooting.

I liked the way the author tells you something that pops up later in the book. Twenty years after the shooting, some of the survivors are still trying to deal with the aftermath. The scars are still open sores for the survivors and the trauma is not over, but beginning again after they decide to have a reunion to get final closure. I don't want to give away the ending, but this book will certainly grab and keep your attention. Jul 16, Stacy rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book.

If I didn't have a newborn I would have been able to read it much quicker too! It's a quick read and is very captivating! It has all the good qualities that make up a good book. Jeff is a wonderful writer and I am definitely going to look into his other books. Reunion had a powerful message, and was also very exciting and nail biting. Sometimes I felt sad, then happy, then scared. The beginning, I felt, was very powerful with the school shooting. It made me thing a lo I really enjoyed this book. It made me thing a lot about the real life school shootings that have happened.

It really makes you think about why kids do end up resorting to that behavior and actions. It had a very interesting twist that I never saw coming, and added a lot to the story. I really loved the ending. This book certainly did not disappoint. It kept my full attention throughout the whole thing, and I hated when I had to put it down. Apr 18, Bridget rated it it was amazing. One of the best things about being a book blogger is learning about new authors. I enjoyed this book so much and if I hadn't been invited to participate in this blog tour, I might not have known about this wonderful book and talented author.

It encompasses all of my favorite genres: Oct 21, Vicki Scullion rated it really liked it. Although a story about a high school massacre is not my preferred reading material, I found myself drawn into this novel almost in spite of myself. The characters were compelling and three-dimensional. The supernatural elements were creepy, and I ended up on the edge of my seat, anxious to find out how the plot elements were going to shake out. I was not disappointed. If you're looking for a scary, haunting story to read this Halloween, I recommend this one.

Mar 02, Jaime rated it really liked it Shelves: This was an interesting read and very unique. Quite unlike any book I have ever read. It was a supernatural thriller that also had several romantic subplots. This book is about a school shooting and the survivors who are still trying to piece their lives together. Years later they meet at a class reunion and realize the horror has just begun. Mar 31, Carissa rated it really liked it. Has anyone ever noticed that schools are kind of creepy?

Weird settling noises, slamming doors, and hissing boilers can do funny things to your imagination. So, when Jeff Bennington approached me about reading an early copy of his latest book, Reuni Has anyone ever noticed that schools are kind of creepy? So, when Jeff Bennington approached me about reading an early copy of his latest book, Reunion, I readily accepted since I could see the appeal of a supernatural thriller set in an abandoned school.

After reading the first few chapters, I realized that Reunion had a bit more going for it than just being a paranormal page turner. Bennington tackles the story of Reunion from the perspective of a small group of people who are survivors of a horrific school shooting perpetrated by one of their classmates.

Constantly abused at home and bullied by his peers, David Ray reaches his breaking point and lashes out by killing eight of his classmates before committing suicide. We fast forward twenty years later and find that Tanner Khan, one of the male lead characters, along with six other members of the core cast are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Maria, now a counselor ministering to others who are waging their own battle with PTSD, still finds herself pining over her high school sweetheart who died during the shooting.

Maria simply cannot bring herself to move on despite the fact that she frequently advises her clients to do the same. Now, all seven survivors are facing the prospect of a class reunion and the effect is almost like throwing a rock into a still pond. The frequent shifts in POV allow the reader to slip into the mind of each member of the cast, allowing us to become attached to them all in their turn.

Once the supernatural elements of the story come into play, Bennington keeps us tense, fearing the loss of even one of the group. Pacing is a little bit slow due to the fact that Bennington is dealing with an extended cast of characters, so after the tumultuous opener, be prepared to take things nice and easy for a while. The author throws in several spooky incidents that take place in and around the now defunct high school where Tanner and his friends became the final graduating class. The suspense builds steadily with Bennington throwing in a massive curveball that resolves itself into a poignant ending.

Reunion is a book that is not only enjoyable, but also imparts a message on a deeper level about how difficult it is to live a normal life after experiencing a severe trauma like a school shooting. PTSD is a very real, very frightening, and at times, extremely debilitating disorder. Not only for those people who are fighting hard every day to learn to live with this condition, but for each of their loved ones as well. Apr 25, Jena rated it liked it Shelves: There is a five-star novel within these pages, and it's a must-read, because it contains one of the most powerful beginnings ever.

The reason it received only three stars from me is more of a positive than a negative, to my way of thinkin. This book tried "to be all things to all people", and in so doing, it lost some of its luster. In my mind, there are two novels inside this book. The "five star" tells a reality-based story of teenagers who face the tragedy of a school shooting and live to tell There is a five-star novel within these pages, and it's a must-read, because it contains one of the most powerful beginnings ever.

The "five star" tells a reality-based story of teenagers who face the tragedy of a school shooting and live to tell about it. The "supernatural" tale brings in ghosts, poltergeists, and the like.