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But there was some part of some song that was stuck in my head. It wouldn't go away. I finally had to listen to the damn thing again.

Doomsday Rock `n Roll Shirt

And again and again and again until it felt like all the songs were stuck in my head at the same time. As the title of this review states, calling this album 'Catchy' doesn't even touch the tip of the iceburg. From the crunchy dun-dun-dunna-nunna riffs to the cheesy biker lyrics and all the various biker lifestyle sound effects spinkled throughout the album, Doomsday Rock 'n Roll dares you to sit still while you blast it from your peferable listening device.

This is not just another side project of Norwegian metallers looking to make an extra buck. This is geniunely a great album. So invite your buddies over, throw on this CD, crack some beers and let the good times roll. Oh, and for driving music it just doesn't get better than this! When I heard about Chrome Division, I was a little skeptical. After all, the most notable related act, Dimmu Borgir, can be a little corny in their music, and I was worried that the presence of Shagrath might direct the music on this album in that sort of direction. My worries disappeared on my first listen.

No cheese here, folks. If what you liked about Dimmu Borgir were the blackened vocals, this may disappoint you.

If what you liked about Dimmu was the use of symphonic music, this may not meet your needs. But if you like speed metal and hard, bluesy rock n' roll, then this will most certainly fit the bill.

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Great vocals, that really match the style of music, killer guitar and some great rock solos, good use of drums to set the atmosphere Shagrath is well known from his band Dimmu Borgir, and everybody knows that he have his soul on the devils left hand. But not everybody knows that there's a different side to this guy. He has his heart for dirty Rock and Roll. Until now, this was an unexposed side to him. Respectively on drums and bass guitar. Suddenly they were a trio.

“Doomsday Rock ‘N’ Roll” by Chrome Division

During months of rehearsing and beer drinking, the band took shape. Chrome Division was formed. Then came the task of finding the right vocalist. They needed a front man with a real in-your-face attitude. Several guys were considered, but none could meet the demands. January '05 this sneering bulldog entered the rehearsing place, and he fitted the band like a glove. Furthermore he was the only one who had long time experience in the field of rock'n roll. On this point they were close to perfect. It was only missing that last ingredient.

Chrome Division - Wikipedia

And for the extra hot spice Ricky Black was dragged in. And from day one he delivered amazing guitar bending solos. From this point it was evident that Chrome Division was to be more than just a side project. From now on they were like a force, spawning stripped down groovy rock'n roll, with a primitive attitude. Strongly determined to go their own ways. To put it short, the label they have put on themselves is Doomsday Rock'n Roll.

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A slight drawback was in summer '05 when Lex Icon had to leave the band. No hard feelings, but there were circumstances that made him unable to rehearse.

Chrome Division

However the replacement was imminent. Tony from the singular band Minas Tirith, came pronto. He's a steady and deadly precise drummer. So the band continued even stronger. These five Norwegian road bandits, have the ability to grasp the finer elements of their influences and mould them into their own diverse sound.

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Chrome Division enters Panzer studio in Oslo, the 4th of December, to finally put down their rough,ballbreaking songs on tape, and create a monster debut album. Until now there are 11 tracks that are finished, and they've been recorded in a pre-production. This article needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Archived from the original on September 28, Archived from the original on Sharing Their Sacrifice interview with Shagrath ". Retrieved from " https: Norwegian heavy metal musical groups Speed metal musical groups Norwegian thrash metal musical groups Musical groups established in establishments in Norway Musical quintets Musical groups from Oslo Nuclear Blast artists.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last edited on 23 May , at Mr Humphries has managed to combine silliness and reality not forgetting a sprinkling of action and oddity to create a delicious dessert of unputdownable unreality - or just a fantastically good story. I was sucked straight into the story from the very beginning thankfully not literally , it is written in a way that is very easy to read and even the side line comments that take you off on a tangent fail to confuse just as well!

Despite the authors best efforts at creating a grumpy and unlikeable personality for the main character Douglas I found him instantly loveable, he just doesn't like publishing agents.

Detalhes do produto

And lets not get started on the rest of the characters a bodyguard angel, a Clint Eastwood look a like, bright green huge rats and of course Lucifer himself to name but a few. If you like sci-fi, or fantasy or even just appreciate daft but good humour then this book is for you! Don't be put off by any sci-fi elements if you are not a sci-fi fan, I am not a sci-fi fan and I loved this book!! Basically I read to escape from life, from its mundaneness, its stress and all its other annoyances This book was absolutely perfect to escape into A gem of a book which is totally delightful but doesn't take itself too seriously.

Darren Humphries has recently become my favourite author of humorous stories.

Rock and Roll's Most Infamous Tour Manager

Again, he has produced another rollicking good funny story.